Connecting My Many Blogs: Picking One Place To Post Everything

russian-mafiaI have a small shop; I’ll admit it. But I listen to each and every suggestion with a serious ear.  Lately, I’ve been getting emails from readers wanting several things (1) one website (2) one blog (3) fan page on Facebook.


Great news is that I’m working on each one of those items.  Bad news is that it’s going to take me at least a month to get it all done.  However, you can’t eat an elephant in one big bite…you know that whole saying.  So, the first step that I’m taking to streamline everything so that you don’t have to run all over the Internet looking for me is our blog.
In the past, I’ve found that not all readers are created equal. Some like to talk about the Medlov family and some like to talk about The Lonely Heart Series and others like to Ivy & Nicola.  So to keep the discussions separate, I always started a new blog for a new book.  However, now that the books have become 15 in total, then I think I need to bring us all together.  Power in numbers, right?


So that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Starting today, all blogs will be posted on one site.   This will allow us the opportunity to keep all conversations together and maybe even provide more insight.  Now, I will not deactivate old blogs, because your previous shares on there and they are priceless, especially comments from  our late, great Rhonda Scales.


I hope that this new move brings us all closer together to share and be merry.
XoXo and all that jazz,
Latrivia S. Nelson



The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: V4 Finally Released!!!

It’s been a long time coming, and to all my faithful fans, I do apologize.  Life always gets in the way of my writing plans.  It makes me remember a saying, “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”  During the last quarter, I had planned to drop several books, including V4.  My expectations, however, did not include my husband nearly dying in sleep, kids with insane homework assignments and several family trips, outings and visits.  Not to mention, RiverHouse opened a new office dead smack in the middle of the financial district of Manhattan (NYC).  I have been buuusssyyy.

The good news is that Adam is doing much better.  You don’t realize how special they are until they are nearly taken from you , right beside you.  For that, I am so thankful to my dear sweet savior, Jesus Christ.  The office is working out great in New York and will offer even more opportunities for readers and authors alike who follow RiverHouse and the family visits were awesome.  I saw my cousin for the first time in ten years and it was amazing.  We are even moving to the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area next summer. 

But with everything going on, my writing slowed to a pitiful crawl.  Now, I’m back.  And as normal after being pulled away from my work, I am on fire.

I have a lot in front of me.  Saving Anya and The World In Reverse are due out both on Christmas Day.  It will be out no later than December 31st.  Please be patient with me.  If I pull this off, this will be the biggest project that I’ve ever taken on.

Now on to Volume 4 and Book One of the Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov.

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 4

Now a widower, Dmitry Medlov’s life has completely changed. Wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, his aspirations quickly move from more money to more power. Only the power he seeks is held by the commanding and elusive Czar of the underworld, Boss Smirnov.
When Dmitry successfully talks the underboss and the all-knowing eye of the underworld, Khalid, into arranging a meeting between he and Boss Smirnov, he has no idea what troubles he is about to face. There are secrets that will be exposed in Prague that will forever change his young life again, leading to a decision that will rock the underworld for good.
Meanwhile, back in London, the city is buzzing about the deaths of the entire board of directors of Dmitry’s newly acquired business, Hutton Industries, minus the company’s former front man, who was involved in a gruesome home invasion that left him blind, deaf, mute and paralyzed.

With no witnesses, leads or proof combined with the botched attempt on his own life during the horrid chain of events, Dmitry is looked over as a person of interest by Scotland Yard and is given carde blache to turn his new private company into his personal money laundering hub right under the public’s nose with the help of his Africa girlfriend, Oxford University senior and business genius, Elsa. And it’s just in time for his new secret alliance with the leaders of a powerful paramilitary sect led by Elsa’s father in Angola, Africa.

Dmitry’s new found power creates a checkmate for his ambitions to be boss but puts a target squarely on his back by not only organized crime heads around the world but also by his own brother, Ivan. Secret alliances are formed. Money is exchanged, and a definite war is looming. Only no one is willing to give up as much as Dmitry is to be king.

Read the last volume of the first book, The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov and witness the heart stopping rise of a giant and everything that he’s willing to do to become the world’s most powerful and deadly boss.


The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Book One

If you’ve been waiting to buy all the volumes of Book One of The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volumes 1-4, the time has now arrived.

By popular demand, Latrivia S. Nelson is proud to announce a compilation of the first four of the twelve volumes from the Medlov Crime Family Short Stories Series.

Dmitry Medlov wasn’t always a billionaire crime boss. His rise to the top was a painstaking process that took many years and many trials and tribulations. From breaking out of prison on a twenty-year bid in Russia to trafficking guns in the back alleys of London and finally toppling a dynasty run by a blood-thirsty Czar, this seven-foot tall, bad boy had to earn every penny.

Along the way, however, he also learned about a woman’s heart, the pain of losing a sick wife, the drain of taking care of a psychotic kid brother, the knowledge of finding out that he was a father and pride of building an empire all before his 25th birthday.

Read about American’s favorite mob boss in four short tales that will have you flipping through the pages and begging for more.

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Book One by national bestselling author Latrivia S. Nelson.

Now comes the good part.  The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Book One will be available in print on December 23, 2011.  If you want to purchase, you can pre-order on the website.  It would be a great stocking stuffer, collector’s addition.  I do hope you consider itJ.

In the next week, we will also be releasing a new book trailer for Book One, which will cover all of the volumes so far.  Lots of fun on that one too.

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 4

Since Lady Hutton’s death and his marriage to her, Dmitry Medlov’s life has completely changed.  Now wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, his aspirations quickly move from more money to more power. Only the power he seeks is held by the commanding and elusive Czar of the underworld, Boss Evgeny Smirnov.

When Dmitry successfully talks the underboss and the all-knowing eye of the underworld, Khalid, into arranging a meeting between he and Boss Smirnov,  he has no idea what troubles he is about to face.  There are secrets that will be exposed in Prague that will forever change his young life again, leading to a decision that will rock the underworld for good. 

Meanwhile, back in London, the city is buzzing about the deaths of the entire board of directors of Dmitry’s newly acquired business, Hutton Industries, minus the company’s former front man, who was involved in a gruesome home invasion that left him blind, deaf, mute and paralyzed.  

With no witnesses, leads or proof combined with the botched attempt on his own life during the horrid chain of events, Dmitry is looked over as a person of interest by Scotland Yard and is given carte blanche to turn his new private company into his personal money laundering hub right under the public’s nose with the help of his live-in girlfriend, Oxford University senior and business genius, Elsa.  And it’s just in time for his new secret alliance with the leaders of a powerful paramilitary sect led by Elsa’s father in Angola, Africa.

Dmitry’s new found power creates a checkmate for his ambitions to be boss but puts a target squarely on his back by not only organized crime heads around the world but also by his own brother, Ivan.  Secret alliances are formed.  Money is exchanged, and a definite war is looming.  Only no one is willing to give up as much as Dmitry is to be king.

Read the last volume of the first book, The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov and witness the heart stopping rise of a giant and everything that he’s willing to do to become the world’s most powerful and deadly boss. 

Only $3.

E-Book goes on sale on October 1, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.

This Is Where I Draw The Freaking Line!

I just received the longest email known to man about how horrid my book was (Dmitry’s Closet).  Unfortunately, I had to delete the post.  Why?   It was so long and such a drag until I refused to let it stay up. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m used to getting the occasional email about my work.  And I normally take it in stride.  Countless readers have given me constructive criticism, offered their services and tried their best to help me.  I appreciate them, and I understand their purpose and points.  Some of their words have helped me A LOT.

But when someone sends me a three page letter on why they hated my stuff, I have to draw the line.  First of all, who has that type of time if they have a life?  Now, I did read the blog response. And I know a lot of authors who wouldn’t  have taken the time.  So, at least!!!

Anyway, you guys are my friends and my fans.  So tell me if I’m wrong. I’ll believe you.  But I just can’t take it anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m on my cycle and I am irritable, but maybe there is certain thing called “tact.”  And this email didn’t really have much of it.

If this reader felt so compelled to share her response with just me, then why didn’t she just send me an email?  I post my email everywhere.  And all of you know that I get 100 emails a day. Not all of them are nice, but I take time and I respond.  It’s important to them.  It’s important to me.  And it’s part of being a published author. Not everyone is going to like you.  I get it. I do. 

Instead of sending an email, however, she blasts me on my own blog and expects a nice response.  WTF!!!  That, my friends, is bullshit. And I am tired of always being nice.  You don’t come to someone’s house, fart in their living room and call it air freshener. And you don’t go to someone’s blog, basically tell them to quit their day job and call it constructive criticism.  Kiss my ass.

I print out every email.  Good and bad.  I look over them. Study them.  I outline the points that they make, use them to make my work better.  But I’m still a person with feelings.  I know (whine, whine) but I am a person, and I take my work seriously.  If I don’t defend it, who will? 

I spend countless hours away from my family, friends and life, doing what I consider to be the best job in the world.  I’m going to have feelings about it.

It’s not easy going after your dreams.  And often, your first, second and even third try can be semi unsuccessful, but I’m proud of the Medlov series.  It’s successful to me.  We have sold over 25,000 copies. I’ve made wonderful friendships as a result, and I’ve faced my fears.  That is so important to me. 

Now, there are things that I’m getting better at…like the copyediting element.  And now, I have Karen, and she is awesome.  She’s helping me fix things.  We’re going back and fixing the grammatical errors that made me a leper in the IR genre.  But at least, I’m in the genre.  At least, I’m giving it all that I have.  At least, I’m living my dream. 

When I first started out, I thought, I’ll just wait until everything is perfect.  But after Adam nearly died, I realized that no one is promised tomorrow.  I looked at him lying in the hospital bed and knew that there is no perfect time.  There is only right now.  Trust people. This is truth.  Don’t let fear steal your dreams from you.  Fight for them with everything that you have inside of you. 

So, I went balls to the wall, and I did it.  RiverHouse was born out of a need to share my voice and my thoughts with the world.  As imperfect as my books  may be, I still did it.  I put it out there, paid a horrid copyeditor, and I published my first book.  Now, I’m on my tenth.  If I should die tomorrow, then at least I will have accomplished something on my list that means so very much to me.  How many people can say that? 

I used to think that I had to take the “stuff” that people put out there about me.  But one day I looked in the mirror and realized that I don’t have to take it, and I won’t anymore.

You know what really irks me?  There are some people out there who hide behind their computers, behind these made up names, and these computer-generated photos.  They blast authors, singers, anyone who is trying to express themselves, and they do it anonymously so that they don’t have to face public humiliation after they purposely and maliciously humiliate you. 

They pick people apart.  They accuse you of having your friends and family post reviews just because they don’t like your book and couldn’t imagine that anyone else would.  In essence, they call you a freak fraud. 

They stomp on your dreams and your aspirations. 

They hope that you’ll quit, give up. 

Their entire purpose in life is to embarrass you!  But they have never penned a thing, published a thing, had one creative thought in their entire life that they followed through with. 

And authors like myself, who put their real picture and name up or authors who use pens names but put their real feelings and dreams into print are forced to deal with what they have said.  And we don’t get to do it anonymously.  We have to face the humiliation just as we are. 

They hide behind emails and computers.  We face the world.  Who is really coward? 

They go online and posts under several names and give horrid reviews.  And they don’t buy just one book. It’s like they can’t wait for you to release something else so that they can attack that too. 

Why?  I don’t know.  They do it though.   And then they curl up in their beds ALONE and sleep all night with a smirky little grin on their faces, because it makes them happy to tear you and your dreams apart.  What a trip!!!!

Well, I don’t have to take it.  I won’t take it anymore. 

There are going to be bad reviews.  And women and men who spend their money and their time deserve and opportunity to share their opinions.  I believe that. And I honor that.  I want to hear from them.  I want to be better for them and all my readers.

But I deserve the right to defend myself as well from that “other” type of reviewer – the one who wished that they could have done something else but didn’t, the one who never found the perfect opportunity so she just gave up and spent her entire life being bitter and attacking others. 

As an Interracial Romance Author, I get 10-20 emails a week from hate mongers who tell me that I’m not even human and have no right to write about a black woman and white man marrying each other.  I have to hear that my children are an abomination and that I don’t have a soul and should be back on a freaking plantation.  It’s hard enough to try to deal with those idiots. 

But on top of that, I get letters from sisters who would rather see me flipping burgers at a restaurant than pursuing my dreams.  I’ve already given the finger to the bigots of the world.  It looks like I’m going to use the other hand to give the finger to you too.

Fifty years from now, if God Almighty sees fit to still bless me with breath in my lungs, I’ll still be writing. I won’t ever quit.  So stop sending me emails and asking me to.  You’re wasting your time and more than that you’re pissing me off.

Do me a favor.  If you are only interested in attacking me, then don’t buy my books.  This is for the entertainment of people who want to do more than tear others down.  I want to hear from them.  I want their criticism, their support – not yours!!!


New Review from Joyfully Reviewed for Dmitry’s Closet

I was having a day (which I’ll blog about later) but Nakita made it all better with this awesome review.  I have to share it with you.  Please visit their site and share this on your blogs. 

Have a great night,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Reviewed by Nikita Steele

Dmitry’s Closet by Latrivia S. Nelson

For the first time in his life, Dmitry Medlov was considering breaking the code, departing his empire and starting a new life with Royal Stone.  But, because of his ties to the Russia Mafia as the ruthless leader of the Medlov Organized Crime Family, that was easier said than done, especially since every known law enforcement agent was determined to take him down.  And, it didn’t help matters much that his one and only blood brother was trying to take over his kingdom by permanently eliminating him with deadly force.  Yet, the worst part of it all was that his beloved Royal was totally in the dark about his criminal life.

While searching for a job, Royal Stone met Dmitry Medlov.  Greatly intrigued by her, Dmitry instantly hired her to manage his new clothing boutique named Dmitry’s Closet.  Although, surprised by the offer, Royal felt very gracious by the opportunity and quickly agreed to the offer.  It was long before a super hot love affair blossomed between them.  What Royal wasn’t aware of was that Dmitry led a double life as a Russia Mafia crime boss.  When discovered, will she or won’t she continue to be his woman?

Wow!  While I devoured Dmitry’s Closet, I felt as if I was right smack in the middle of a smoking hot soap opera.  This plot had the true markings fantastic storyline where race had no boundaries.  It was jam-packed with drama, cold-heartedness, betrayal, envy, humor, suspense, lust and raw passion.  Once started, I simply couldn’t get enough.  I was hanging on the edge of my seat turning page after page eager to see just how the story would unfold.  Dmitry and Royal were on total opposite ends of the spectrum.  Whereas Dmitry was worldly wise and callous; Royal took things at face value and was very inexperienced – almost too native.  Yet, she fitted perfectly with Dmitry and made him want to have more out of life than his criminal activities.  She softened his outlook on life.  Dmitry’s Closet is not for the faint of heart because it contained violent actions that some might find offensive.  Nevertheless, it needed to be told because of the cruel lifestyle of the mafia.  If you are looking for a thrilling read that will capture and tightly hold your attention from start to finish, then look no future than Latrivia S. Nelson’s Dmitry’s Closet.


The Many Sides of Dmitry Medlov: The Gym and Tattoos

Have you ever witnessed the beauty of a man pealing out of his suit to reveal tattoos on a well-sculpted body?  There is something that catches in your throat.  It throws you off.  He looks like a business man, but underneath he’s a bad boy.  Then all those other thoughts enter your mind.  You wonder other things:-) about him. 

Dmitry Medlov has many sides.  But he can’t keep the body of a Greek sculpture unless he goes to the gym.  So, what does a mob boss do?  He builds one in his home. 

We see that he thinks while he’s in there.  Early in the morning, he’s not sleeping in or eating a fattening breakfast.  He’s in the gym pumping some serious iron.  He’s always been that way too, since his time in the rough prisons in Russia.  (If you haven’t picked up The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov Short Story, pick it up today at 

When I developed this part of his character, several images came to mind.  Rough. Soft. Refined.  And Animalistic.  Dmitry is the type who can clearly go into any board room and conduct business, but he can also rip his clothes off and show scars, tattoos and muscles that would make any woman blush. 

Skinny guys have tattoos too.  I know this, but the best guys to look at have plenty of muscle.

Let’s remember that he wasn’t always rich and powerful.  He was a kid from the streets, or as he put it , a rat from the gutter.  Both he and Ivan were huge naturally, but when Dmitry added on pounds and pounds of muscle he became irresistible.

The next time that you’re in the gym, take notice of the guys who are muscular and their choice of tattoo.  I know some guys get names of their girlfriends and moms, children and etc.  But see if you can pick out a tribal tattoo, an elaborate tattoo, something different.

I saw a guy in Miami once with a beautiful tattoo on his back.  He was really, really buff – muscles everywhere.  When I asked him what they meant, he said, “If you have to ask, it’s not your business.”  I agreed, but I still made him buy me a drink:-)

New Medlov Crime Family Story Available Now !!!!

I’ve been promising this book for a few weeks now, but it’s finally live. Ladies and gentlemen, you may now purchase the 65-page short story that begins Dmitry Medlov’s journey to the top on my new website ( I hope that you enjoy the new site. It has been designed to keep you more in touch with all the wonderful things that we have been working on for your pleasure. Plus, I think it’s sort of sexy. Here’s my thought on all of this. I enjoy writing for you guys because you enjoy reading my work. So, as long as I can figure out a way to send you an amazing story, I will do my best to do just that!

What is the Volume 1 about?

Readers, who have already made themselves familiar with The Medlov Crime Family Series, will experience young Dmitry Medlov before his rise to the top. Released from prison at the age of 18, Dmitry Medlov has 24 hours to assassinate a Ukrainian drug lord and get both he and his brother on a plane to London. After being imprisoned for three years, however, many things have changed. Ivan isn’t a little boy anymore and he’s showing signs of being a sociopath. His ex-girlfriend is engaged and he’s a foot taller. Purchase this 65-page short story designed to begin to answer many questions about American’s favorite Russian crime boss. Only $3. PDF format. Emailed within 5-minutes right to your email.

Log on today!

Suits and Swagger

We talked about Dmitry and his jeans-and-beer side.  Now, it’s time to talk about Suits and Swagger.  When Royal first met Dmitry, he was in the restaurant playing the violin alone and wearing a suit.  When he arrived back from a trip to New York, he was wearing a suit.  When he showed up at her door for their first date, he was wearing a very nice suit.  Dmitry is not scared to put a suit on and wear it well.  It speaks to the more sophisticated part of his character. 

A man in a suit is a powerful thing.  Could you imagine James Bond in bib overalls?  Life just wouldn’t be the same.  The suit doesn’t make the man, but it does make him sexy.  It’s the swagger of the man once he puts the suit on.  It screams power, virility, control and yes, even sex.

One of the things you do notice is Dmitry relaxes a little more when he’s in other clothes.  When he’s in his suit, he’s boss.  When he’s in jeans, he’s just Dmitry. 

Have you noticed what a suit can do to a man?  Maybe that’s why you can only dress casually on Friday’s at the firm.  The suits exudes something more highly respected…maybe.

What are your thoughts? 

Latrivia S. Nelson

The Many Sides of Dmitry Medlov: Jeans And Beer

Excerpt from Dmitry’s Closet:

She listened to the storm rock the city with wind, heavy rains and lightning as she waited. Curiously, she looked out the window across his large gated lawn undisturbed by the late night rumblings. Security guards with dogs walked the perimeter of his property even in the rain, while Anatoly stood on the porch watching her and waiting for Dmitry. Rich people, she thought as she sat back in her seat. They are so freaking dramatic.

She closed her eyes finally and relaxed her head on the leather, feeling the warm seats caress her body. She had nearly gone to sleep when Dmitry arrived back. As the door opened for him, rain quickly rushed inside, dampening her face. He jumped in with a pair of dark jeans and a blue v-neck top, looking the most casual that Royal had ever seen him.

“Hope I wasn’t long,” he said, taking a swig of the Foster’s beer that he carried with him.

“Actually, I dozed off there for a minute.” Royal sat up in the chair. “You look…great. Like a walking Ralph Lauren advertisement.” She nodded.

“A compliment? It seems that we are making progress, Royal,” he said as he tapped her knee. “Anatoly, let’s go,” Dmitry instructed, keeping his eye on Royal.

The car started, and they pulled off. Royal watched Dmitry curiously but did not speak.


There are so many sides to Dmitry. The gentleman. The killer. The businessman. The dude. The sex machine. The lover. The father. The husband. The brother. The boss. As we move forward with the series, it is important to always keep this blog going with discussions about the foundations of each character. Since Dmitry is focus of all the characters, it’s important to look at his many faces. He doesn’t try to be everything to everyone, but in this series, he has touched a lot of people (and not always in a good way).

Tonight, I wanted us to look at the Jeans and Beer guy. It’s not the biggest part of him, but it’s a soft, easy way to start the discussion off. A man whom you met wearing a suit and playing the violin pops out of his mansion in jeans and holding a beer on your first date. He has so many layers. While serious, there is something about Royal that makes Dmitry almost whimsical.

If there are any of us out there who are serious most of the time, is there a special someone who makes you relax, loosen up, forget the stick lodged firmly up our anal cavities and just be fun? Oddly enough, Royal wasn’t the whimsical type but she did give him normalcy that made him forget his place as boss and made him remember that he was still just a man who liked a girl.

What’s your favorite Dmitry?

Anatoly Medlov: Silence is A Virtue.

Ladies, I know that I’ve been gone for a while.  I’ve had quite the events going on, but now that things are settled for the moment, I had to get back to you, and how I’ve missed you.  The thing that has been on my mind has been my favorite character, Anatoly.  I’ve been working away everyday on his character development and in order to do so, I’ve had to constantly look at where he came from. 

In Dmitry’s Closet, Anatoly is the silent type.  However, in my opinion, his silence spoke in volumes.  There is something to be said about a man who can “hold his secrets.”  Have you ever met a man who was a chatter box?  You sit down with him and in ten minutes you know his entire life story.  There is nothing exciting about that.  For one thing, he likes to talk about himself.  Secondly, you can bet that half of what he’s telling you (unless he’s Forest Gump) isn’t true.

The only men who should be allowed to tell their life stories are old men and young boys.  Old men don’t have long on this earth and may be able to impart knowledge and wisdom.  Young boys (ten and under) haven’t been here long enough to bore you out of your mind.  Every other age group in between should learn to be conservative.

Our ongoing theme is the undying quest to find the Alpha Male.  Are there really many Alpha Males who are chatter boxes?  I wonder this often.  You meet a man in a bookstore.  He’s tall, beautiful, educated, but if he’s long winded, he’s probably trying to cover up something by talking.  You meet a gorgeous guy at the gym.  He’s muscular, he’s tan, he’s rich and he’s infatuated with his ex-girlfriend, whom he talks about whenever he’s reminded of something.  You meet a great doctor with hand that are strong and firm, but he uses them to talk and hypnotizes you with his long fingers as he describes how he performs each and every small procedure but couldn’t give you a back massage if he had instructions.  I could go on and on.  My girlfriends and I talk all the time at our dinner meetings (which consists of a lot of Jack Daniels and Scotch) and we always lament over the things that scratch men off the Alpha Male List.

What is the Alpha Male List?  It’s a list of undeniable characteristics that only a true Alpha Male has.  It’s fun and ridiculous, but it’s a great conversation topic.  You should try it.  Get your girls together and build your own Alpha Male like a Build-A-Bear. 

Anyhow, all of that is said to say this.  Anatoly is silent because behind his beautiful bright eyes are dark secrets that aren’t meant to be told.  The mysterious nature of his youth is what will propel him to an awesome future in the series. 

Now, quick question to all of you.  What is your ideal Alpha male?  And would you agree that he need be quiet? 

XoXo and all that jazz,


Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (Video Trailer)

Latrivia Nelson at Republic Coffee

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to share an awesome video that was done at the best coffee spot in Memphis on July 15th, Republic Coffee.  We had been in the discussion for about two hours before this video was taken, so I have on no make-up and I’m pretty tired.  So, look at your own risk!!!

Have a great day,


E-Book Piracy May Change the Future of RiverHouse Publishing’s Releases

Let me vent for a while, ladies, if you don’t mind.  I spent many months, weeks, days, hours on my work.  So, it pains me to no end when I see that readers purchase my book and then post it on illegal forums, even against 17 U.S.C. § 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).  Why a person would want to first pirate another person’s personal work, then pawn if off for free.  Needless to say, I’ve already contacted the FBI and my lawyers.  This upsets me very much and provides to me the understanding of that double-edged sword of technology.  While I have loved the Kindle, Nook and PDF capabilities, I’m not sure that it’s worth being the victim of other people’s inconsiderate and costly behavior. 

What are your thoughts? Have any of you ever experienced this with your own work or have you ever pirated? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Great Review from The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers for Dmitry’s Closet

Date Reviewed:  Jun 14, 2010


Paula Henderson is an IT Manager with a book addiction.  She is the mother of three children and resides in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Copyright 2001-2008 – RAWSISTAZLiterary Group


DMITRY’S CLOSET is the story of a hard-hearted crime lord who falls for a recent college graduate.  When Dmitry Medlov first met Royal Stone, she was searching for a job.  The attraction between the two is instant and Dmitry is so intrigued, he hires her to manage his new clothing store named Dmitry’s Closet.  Royal is surprised at the opportunity and salary, especially from such a gorgeous man.  As they work closely together, a relationship blossoms.  What Royal does not know is Dmitry is head of a Russian Mafia and there are enemies trying to destroy his empire. 

One of his staunchest rivals is his equally handsome brother Ivan.  Although Dmitry raised Ivan, he is jealous of the empire his older brother has amassed, so he comes to Memphis with plans to destroy him.  There is disloyalty in the Medlov camp, undercover officers all around and federal agents all waiting to take them down.  The challenge for Dmitry is determining who can be trusted, staying ahead of his younger brother and keeping his world a secret from Royal.

DMITRY’S CLOSET contains intrigue, action and romance.  At the beginning of the novel, I was not quite sure I would be drawn in, but after the first few chapters, I became fully engaged in by the chemistry between Royal and Dmitry.  Although they were an interracial couple, there was no emphasis put on this, which I enjoyed because that should not be a factor.  Royal’s innocence and naiveté coupled with Dmitry’s brusque behavior was like fire and ice.  The drama that ensued continued to engage me to the very end.  The plot took me from the street of Memphis to New York during fashion week, from Russia during the holidays and eventually to Prague.  Complex characters, settings, and concepts kept me on my toes.  I would recommend this one for those who like a romance tale with depth.


Reviewed by Paula Henderson
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers


“What was Renee to Royal? Why friendship matters.”

I just finished speaking via facebook to a reader that I correspond with frequently over the Internet and a great post came to mind.  Friendship.  Many of us take the word, the notion, the relationship for granite.  However, can you imagine what it would be like not to have a friend?

My reader said that she had her sister, who was close and special to her.  I have my girls, a wolf pack of women who are smart, powerful and cunning, but they are also die-hard friends who are honest and true. 

Royal didn’t have that in Dmitry’s Closet, except through Renee.  We see that their relationship, along with Cory’s, keeps Royal grounded and a little privy to the things going on around her.

How many of us have friends that we can count on?  How many of us are lacking emotionally because we don’t have friends?  When my husband took me half way across the country and dropped me off for about seven months while he went and fought wars thousands of miles away, I would call my friends everyday.  Before we got unlimited, I would rack up a phone bill that would rival any 16-year old girl.  That foundation is key.  Your girls are key. 

What are you thoughts?

Danielle’s Review of Dmitry’s Closet Rating: 5 stars

I received this wonderful review of Dmitry’s Closet today, and it really moved me.  I know I like her without even meeting her.  She loves Russians.  If you have time, ladies, check out this review and her blog. 

Happy 4th!


Danielle’s Review of Dmitry’s Closet Rating: 5 stars

Note to the author: Ms. Nelson, I am in awe. How did you know I wanted to read a book like this? Maybe we are on the same wavelength here. You see, I have a thing for Russian guys. It developed slowly over time, and this book has not helped me get over my fixation. Now, I think I will be much, much worse. But the thing is, how many books after this one will have a hero like Dmitry Medlov? I don’t care that he’s seven foot tall. He didn’t need to be a giant to be larger than life in my mind. It was the sheer force of his personality, the many textures to him. He is an utterly ruthless crime boss, but he is a gentle, adoring lover and friend to Royal. How did you conceive of this man? Well, you did such a great job here. This book: It was so many things. I love a book that gives me a seven course dinner in one story. This was a beautiful love story, and an intricate crime drama. And I don’t even like crime dramas! I love how it started out as a glittering fairy tale. A girl meets her prince who saves her and sweeps her off her feet. Their love is perfect and pure. And then, the pages turn, and you see the other side. You see how Dmitry is a man that is feared by many, and for good reason. I was riveted to the page. I couldn’t believe how well Ms. Nelson integrated these two. Her portrayal of this Russian mafia gang was so intricate, I completely believed what I was reading. I do have to admit, I couldn’t understand how Royal didn’t see what Dmitry was. But, as my sister suggested (when I was gushing about the book to her), and as it is soon revealed, she trusted Dmitry implicitly. She loved him with all the power of her innocent heart. She didn’t believe he could ever hide such a thing from her. Yet, even though Dmitry kept such a massive secret from Royal, he never lost my sympathy. You see, Dmitry was who he was. He wanted to be a different man for Royal, and he was. He was the sweetest guy to her, a dream lover. He didn’t lie to her or do her wrong. He just didn’t tell her everything. I’m not into all the bling and the designer clothes. There’s a lot of that in this book. Dmitry pulls out all the stops. I mean, he showers Royal with all the material things her heart could desire. Reading Ms. JR Ward really helped me to be somewhat immune to designer name-dropping, and it was part of the scenery here, so it wasn’t terribly off-putting. Royal had a queen’s equivalent of jewels and ice, and all the fancy clothes she could want. She liked that, but what she really loved was Dmitry. He was her family, her home, her present, and her future. This book really made me think about shades of gray. If someone told me Dmitry was a bad man, I couldn’t argue with that. But, at the same time, I would attest that he is a good man. What makes a person good? What makes a person bad? It’s hard to say, and we would all have different answers. It was interesting how Dmitry saw Royal as a sweet innocent, even though she told him her deepest, darkest secret, which is not so innocent. Dmitry loved Royal so much, cared for her so well, that I couldn’t see him as a bad man. He protected his men and made sacrifices to see that they could have good lives. He was a good father to his son. And he had limits about what he’d do to make money. For me, that made him a better person than some men who have less shady jobs than his. It’s a dicey thing to hold others in judgment. This book gave me some food for thought when it comes to that. I firmly believe in the scripture that says, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” And, as I read this book, I could see a lot of people making choices that could easily be judged, but I had to look at why they did what they did, and not that they did it. Because, in the end, we are all just humans. Some of us do more bad deeds than others. But, we’re all human beings, with all the accompanying failings. As for Royal and Dmitry, I could really believe in their love. Even when things started coming down around them. The scene where she confronts Dmitry was very powerful. I felt like the world was ending. I didn’t want to believe that anything could come between these two lovers. My heart stopped at the thought. And things just get worse. But, Ms. Nelson doesn’t let me down. The fairy tale essence of this story holds true. And here’s the thing about fairy tales: the young maiden always suffers. She has to be strong and persevere to get her happy ending. She might lose a lot along the way, but her love with her handsome prince will stand the test of time. That’s what I believe about Royal and Dmitry. My heart is still stuttering as I have just read the first chapter for the next book, Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen. Of course, I will have to read this sequel, holding my breath the hold time, most likely. Until then, I can only hope that the future holds much joy for this couple. I think they have earned it. Just a warning: There are some editing issues, but I didn’t take off points for that. Danielle Hill aka Oak Goblinfrost “I would hold you up. I will ever hold you up and hold you dear, lover mine.” — J.R. Ward

(Lover Mine) Blog: Blog: Check out my books on Goodreads:

Drop Date Pushed Back to July 15th Due to Printer

It’s a sad state of affairs for me ladies and gentlemen.  The book is complete, but the hard copy format will not be ready until July 15th.  Please world, do not be angry with me.  I’m working around the clock to provide some benefits in lieu of this horrid blunder.  Last time, the drop date was off by a month and half.  So, I’m happy to report that it’s just ten days later.  For many, it’s ten days too long.  So, I’m offering this:

However, you can still pre-order on my site ( starting tonight or on

Pre-order and you will receive a free PDF copy of the book for you to read until your book arrives.  I made the announcement tonight and have received great feedback from the readers.  Thanks so much for you all who have understood.  And I’m so blessed to have so many supporters. 

The good news is that the book will still be available on Kindle on the 5th!  You can also purchase the PDF format without the hard copy for $5 on  So, if you don’t have a Kindle, like to read at work or home or prefer to laptop or desktop to pick up books, you won’t miss a beat.  For my hardcopy readers, the printer says that it could very well be back next week, but they’ve given me that date to be safe.  So, I’ll keep you updated. 

For all of those who receive the PDF, please send me your thoughts through the blog, facebook and email to let me know what you think ( 

And please Pray for me that I don’t jump off a cliff:-(

Xoxo and all that jazz,


Republic Coffee Features Latrivia Nelson’s New Book In Their Reading, Writing and Republic Writers Forum

Reading, Writing and Republic Republic Coffee kicks off series of writers forums June 17 Republic Coffee will kick off “Reading, Writing and Republic,” a series of forums beginning this Thursday evening. First up is Memphian Cal Bray, author of If Those Shoes Could Talk, Thursday, June 17 from 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm. Other writers in the series include Rebecca Skloot, New York Times best-selling author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and Memphis music legend George Klein, writer of Elvis: My Best Man. The forums are open to the public and attendees are encouraged to come with questions for the authors.

Thursday, July 15—Latrivia Nelson, Dmitry’s Closet. Urban Fiction and Interracial Romance readers nationwide immediately flocked to the bestselling multicultural phenomenon released in January of 2010, Dmitry’s Closet, a racy action-adventure about a Russian mobster and an African-American virginal heroine battling for their love in the Southern city of Memphis, Tennessee. Author Latrivia S. Nelson sat on internet bestseller lists across the country for over 4 weeks as people talked about the fusion of two popular but distinct genres. Now Nelson is dropping the second book in the Medlov Crime Family Series, Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen on July 5, 2010 and fans nationwide are excited.

Dmitry’s Closet Event on July 7th

Whats Happening Wednesday

Date: Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: April House Premier (NEW LOCATION!!!)
Street: 80 Flicker Street
City/Town: Memphis, TN

Whats Happening Myron Magazine presents “What’s Happening Wednesdays”, a monthly event where local business people come together with the primary goal of gaining new customers and growing their businesses. Whats Happening Wednesday is held on the first Wednesdays of every month.

Also, each month a local business woman will also be honored by What’s Happening Magazine for their success in local business. There will be representatives onhand from the Black Business Association, National Association of Women Business Owners and the Tennessee Small Business Development Center. These organizations will be able to assist you in building your business! Your next client could possibly be here!

Admission is only $10 and includes a free buffet! Booth Space Packages are available for as low as $50.00. Bring Plenty of Business Cards! For more information, please visit our website at!

 Dmitry’s Closet is the the book of night!  All are invited.

Introducing the Cover of My Newest Book – Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen

Let me be the first to say how proud I am of Kandace Tuggle,  our exclusive designer at RiverHouse Publishing, LLC for her fabulous work on the new cover for the much anticipated Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen book from the Medlov Crime Family Series.  We had a great conference call with the girls a few days back, where I told them that this would be coming.  Now, here it is as promised.

For me, when I see the cover, I know that the entire book is almost complete.  I always save the cover until the end to make sure that it really encompasses what the story is all about – mostly because I tend to deviate.

So, ladies, here it is.  We also have the site (  , Twitter (HisRoyalFlush) and very soon Facebook. I hope  that you all are having a great day.  And don’t forget the drop date of July 5th.  More information will be coming out in the next few days.

Talk to you soon.

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson


For Dmitry and Royal Medlov, money doesn’t equal happiness.  Forced to leave Memphis, TN and flee to Prague after a brutal mafia war, the couple nestled into the countryside to raise their daughter, Anya, and lead a safe, quiet life.   But when Dmitry’s son, Anatoly, shows up with an offer he can’t refuse, Dmitry is forced to go back to the life he left as boss of the most feared criminal organization in world.  Consequently, the deal could not only destroy the Medlov Crime Family but also Dmitry and Royal.     

 Royal hasn’t been the same since she was attacked three years ago.  Where she used to be a sweet, innocent girl, she’s now a jaded, bitter woman, who can’t be coddled by riches and luxury.  However, a reality check is in store for the pre-Madonna when Anya’s new teacher shows up with her sights set on stealing Dmitry, and Ivan’s old ally shows up with sights on killing him.  Can Royal save them all?  Will she?

With a family in such turmoil, the only way to survive is to stick together.  Read the gripping tale of a marriage strong enough to stand the test of time as Dmitry realizes that he has the best cards in the house as long as has a Royal Flush.

New Dmitry’s Royal Flush Trailer

Hello Everyone,

My entire team is dog tired.  We are 13 days out from the final polishing touches to the book and their completion and after that only 30 days before the drop of Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen.  Take a look at our new trailer for the book and please tell me exactly what you think!!!!

Can’t wait to reveal it to all of you!


Smooth Operator: The Sex Appeal of Dmitry Medlov

Latrivia, why did you create Dmitry in the manner in which you did?” Calee, Jacksonville, FL

Okay. So Dmitry Meldov is a criminal who has served time in a serious Russian prison. He’s a killer who has notches on his belt two times over. He’s fighter with preference for the serrated-edged knife but is not afraid to shoot you at will.   He is tatted up and dressed down.  He’s a crime boss and gun runner.  He’s a global criminal wanted by several countries.  And he’s a serious millionaire. 

These are the things that make him bad. BUT He dresses in only the best suits, and even when he puts on jeans, he tends to heat up a room. He wears a signature cologne that makes women swoon to him, flock to his body and beg him to choose them. He drives the best in Italian and German engineering. He lives in mansions around the country. He is rich, plays violin and has the body of a supersized Michelangelo. Did I mention that he is seven feet tall, blond, blue-eyed and speaks at least two languages.  He’s musclar and sexual but also bright and trully a thinker.

Dmitry is a smooth operator. He knows how to balance his unsavory characteristics with things that no woman could ignore. While developing his character, I did have some help. I turned to the men in my life who were toxic, for lack of a better word. Everything that they said, did, worked towards was about sex, control, money and power. Don’t worry ladies, my husband isn’t included in that number, but I will say that having these men around keeps you grounded. You realize that there is always an angle.

Dmitry had a serious angle and he’d been working it for years. (1) he knew his size was intimidating, (2) he knew his beauty was captivating, (3) he knew his money controlled his environment, (4) he knew his men controlled the underworld, (4) he was brilliant and unafraid, (5) he was daring and unique, (6) he did what he wanted. Of course, it took like six men combined to develop Dmitry and that will be for a later post, but I will tell you that it was exhausting….but well worth it. When you combine all of the things that make a man bad and good together to create a Frankenstein type character, you get perfection. I’m not speaking about my writing skills, I’m simply speaking about the creation. We want men to be beautiful, want them to be virile, want them to be carnal, want them to be rich, powerful and faithful…and we’ll only get all of those things in a book. Dmitry is our guy. Dmitry is your guy. He’s a smooth operator.

The Anatomy of Dmitry Medlov: Discussing the Boss

I have received about six emails from women who have read the book and are amazed at the anatomy of Dmitry Medlov. One woman, Carol Kriger, has asked me to (1) breakdown his body type for her from the author’s perspective. This sounded fun, so I agreed. She also asked me to (2) tell her where my motivation for his character came from and how I arrived at a seven foot mob boss. This part is a little more complicated, but I will give my best answer.
Answer 1: Dmitry Medlov is seven feet tall, blonde, extremely muscular (athletic muscular, not bodybuilder muscular), striking blue eyes, a wide smile, strong features – chiseled chin, wide set eyes, etc. He has a baritone voice, a thick Russian accent, tons of tattoos, wears mostly tailored suits, wears a strange, sexy cologne that reminds you of sandalwood and worst of all he has serious swagger.
He hardly ever raises his voice, only likes fine living, loves caviar, borscht and vodka. He grew up in the streets and raised his only brother. So, he’s rough around the edges but through time has learned to be more refined. He plays the guitar, reads excessively, enjoys quiet nights alone, spoils his lovers and has a bad habit of staring his opponent down.
Now, I don’t know about you, but this kind of man is hardly ordinary. So, he stands out. I imagine he has stood out his entire life as an alpha male who is beautiful, capable and legendary.
Answer 2: I am really into the heroine being saved by the hero. I know that we are strong independent woman of the twenty-first century. I am definitely one. However, I still like the chivalrous man, who exerts a little force and knows when to be very gentle. Unfortunately, I know more fumbling bumbling men then I do true gents. So, my small arsenal of alpha men with the “proper breeding” are natural resources that I lean on for most of my insight. I use my “natural resources”, my imagination and my public sightings to help me build the perfect man for my stories.
My husband is into tats; a good friend of mine gives me some Russian insight; I once dated a guy who was 6’7”. It was a very short romance, but it’s still a friendship that allows me to marvel at him from a far. I’ve met and know my fair share of true bad boys on both sides of the law, and I have quite a few “international friends.” So there you go. All answers answered in a nutshell.

XoXo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

New Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen Video

Here’s a sneak peak of Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen video trailer.  The real deal will be ready in early June but this is our first draft.  Hope that you enjoy!!!

Rae Lori’s Blog A Writer’s Dream Gives Great Review to Dmitry’s Closet

We’re always happy to read when bloggers cover Dmitry’s Closet.  Recently, Rae Lori gave Dmitry’s Closet an excellent review.

“4.5 – This is easily a 5 star story. Ms. Nelson weaves a wonderful love story mixed with action packed suspense and some welcoming surprises along the way.”

Check her blog site out today at

Also, starting this month on April 16th, we’ll be asking fans to take pictures with their copy of Dmitry’s Closet and send it in for a new video trailer that will be posted on YouTube on June 30th.  For all of you who love the book, this is your time to shine.  ( 

On another note, check out Dmitry’s Royal Flush Blog ( to see the upcoming hot topics surrounding Dmitry and Royal and find out what old friends will come to visit in the sequel.

Until tomorrow night…xoxo and all that jazz.

Latrivia S. Nelson

The Silent Type: Where Did the Character of Anatoly Come From?

In Dmitry’s Closet, Anatoly was the silent type that many women go for, fall for, love.  He was no more than 6’2”, muscular build, blue-eyed and blonde.  He spoke broken English and said very little regardless of whether or not it was in his native tongue of Russian.  He was a killer, a die-hard businessman and Vor. 

When researching the type of men who have been associated with the mafia or mafiya, the one thing that I continued to see was that the “solider” was always obedient, disciplined and eager for action.  He often held a certain disdain for anything that went contrary to his way of life and held nothing more sacred than the code in which he is bound to in some secret covenant.  

It was very hard to make Anatoly complex, because each time that my fingers stroked the keys of my board, I continued to make him more stoic than I wanted.  Humanizing him was like making the Mona Lisa comical – impossible.  So, I got in my car and drove to the river.  I went inside a local pub that is for the “hard core” guy.  It’s a place that legal criminals dwell and illegal criminals blend.  I won’t name the place, but for many who know the place, you can understand how I would run across my muse for Anatoly there.

I ordered a drink, sat and wrote on a napkin. 

See, where artists draw, writers scribble.  And I scribbled the night away, turning down drinks, paying my way and making a muse from the collage of brilliantly beautiful men who went on about their evening wondering if I could be a cop.   I sat in a corner booth, comfortable with my vantage point and then “he” came in and sat down only a few booths from me.  He was my muse and I could not have been happier.

I wrote quickly and hard, tearing through my napkin on the wooden table.  I kept my breathing calm, even though inside I was like a child in a candy store.  Then I was rudely interrupted.  He came over and asked me what I was doing.  I told him that I was writing.  He bought me a drink.  I showed him my wedding ring.  He laughed but got the picture.  After a short conversation and finally dropping the bomb on him that I was faithful with two children, a husband and mortgage, he left me to capture the moment.

Before bowing out gracefully, he paid for all my drinks and made me tab out.  While he though the gift had been financial, he had actually left me with something far more valuable..  His quite, subtle humanizing grin and his boyish looks.  They took on the life of their own on the paper.  I could translate his beauty into something real, because he was real. 

I dashed home, pulled out my laptop and created the man we call Anatoly.  Quiet.  Beautiful.  Sinister.

E He H

Looking a gift horse in its mouth: Why Royal didn’t question Dmitry’s wealth.

Many readers have sent mail about why Royal didn’t question Dmitry and his wealth.  As I thought through the characters, I realized the element of surprise during the climax of the book would be key.  However, I wanted to show the naiveté of Royal and her hidden desire not to know, because of what the implications would bring about.  I’m sure most of us as we read thought to ourselves that she had to have known.  And as a writer, I wanted people to think that. 

Royal was poor.  A poor woman has standards and morals just like anyone else.  Sometimes, she may be poor, because she has more morals than some people.  However, I would posit that she did not look into Dmitry’s wealth, because if she started to question him, she might ruin her relationship.  Sometimes the relationship means more to a woman than getting a clear answer.  If you don’t believe me, go and visit the justice department on any day and speak to random women who are incarcerated because of their lack of knowledge.

If you as a woman were in a relationship with a wealthy man, who was wealthy before you met him, and lived an open life like Dmitry, who was well known in the community and beautiful, would you snoop?  For every woman, the answer is going to be different.  However, for many women, once they had been introduced to a certain lifestyle, the honest answer would be a difficult one.

When you meet a successful man, you are not going to necessarily think mafia (unless you’re Royal after the experience).  You wouldn’t think that he was a gun runner, a mob boss or anything horrible.   You simply think that he is successful.

Throughout the story, there was a great deal that was going on that Royal was not aware of and she was only 23-24 years of age during the entire storyline.  So, she wasn’t a 50 year old woman who had seen everything or enough to read the signs.  She was an orphan, who wanted to be loved by someone.  Maybe that was the draw for Dmitry as well.  He enjoyed control, and he stated that.  Would he pick someone who he had to battle with constantly?  I doubt it. 

Place yourself in her shoes and ask yourself, if you had nothing and suddenly were given everything, how quickly would you let that go?

There’s my answer.  That’s why I didn’t allow Royal to look the gift horse in the mouth.  The story isn’t about triumph, so much as it is about struggle.  Keep that in mind as you read.  And continue to ask your questions.  I love all of your responses!

Xoxo and all that jazz,


Like Manna from Above: A Week In Review for Dmitry’s Closet

This has been a spirited week for Dmitry’s Closet.  We’ve received a record breaking number of letters from fans and concerned public for the book.  I have read each and every email, letter, text and facebook message.  Let me be the first to say that it has truly been an honor.  We have been on the multicultural bestsellers list for the last five weeks. 

Here in the city of Memphis a local restaurant is closing down to host a book signing, along with a very “politico-driven” coffee shop.  We have over ten requests in the city for group discussions and we have a story that will hit in the local paper.

Nationally, we’ve been creating all sorts of waves. 

I have been asked (and have not confirmed so I will not disclose) to speak at several HBCUs on the book and popular culture and contemporary society in the United States;

I pissed off the an editor of an Italian American journal for using the word mafia (I asked him to take it up with gentlemen in the Russian Mob who use the word. I received not reply but I doubt that he took me up on the offer);

We have received great reviews from national blogs, and we are awaiting review by Barnes and Noble to get into their stores on the shelves, we are already online!!! 

I’ve also been called everything but a child of God by a few readers who think that I’m a sellout for writing about unhealthy or unconventional relationships between a black woman and Russian mobster.  She called me the c-word.  I called her “passionate” then blocked her.  Some people just need to be prayed for, people.

A few readers were kind enough to express their concerns for some grammatical errors and one truly wonderful person sent some edits (I’m still smiling).  Thank you!   

I’ve received touching letters of motivation and encouragement from a celebrity (WOW), other writers, a number of college students, business professionals, avid readers and my loyal fans.  I want you to know, I print and keep all of them.  They are all wonderful.  One man sent me a naked picture of him and some firefighter gear.  I digress.

To strengthen the message in the book, I am making some grammatical changes.  I’ve heard your concerns, and I know you’ve done it out of support.  I cannot express my gratitude.  I hope to catch them all, but if I do not, please be patient with me.  I’m working to find a reliable copyeditor at a reasonable rate. 

I’ve also been watching the blogs and threads and there has been some serious discussions going on – some have been really heated.  You know that I believe whole heartedly in free speech, so I applaud both sides, as long as they are respectful.

Then, there’s the development of Royal Flush.  As you know, I’m working on Book 2.  There is a lot to be done. The characters, the setting, the drama is all different.  We can talk about that on the other blog site.

In other news, the healthcare bill was signed! This marks a day in history that I’m proud to see.  And tonight my candidate for Shelby County Mayor (Deidre Malone) will be speaking at my dear friend Fitz’s coffee shop (Republic Coffee) from 7:30-8:30.  So, I’ll be taking in the conversations and the people and working my mind machine to find news ways to engage you.

In a nutshell, the interaction with people has been manna from heaven.

Thanks to you all.

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Ebookitude Gives Dmitry’s Closet a Great Review

Shout out to Ebookitude who gave Dmitry’s Closet a great review last week.  I also had a wonderful reader help me wheedle out all of the grammatical errors since then (YEAH!), and they have been sent off to the printer to ensure the changes are made by the month’s end! 

If I could quote the reviewer:

“I give this book an enthusiastic endorsement. The editor, (if there was one) missed some very noticable errors, but the concept is so good you’ll be happy to overlook them. It’s a little pricey at a little over $9.00, and you may fill like your taking a chance on an unknown author, but once you get your hands on this book you won’t put it down. This is a great story and a great read.”

Check out the whole review on their website . 

So, I do listen to healthy criticism.  I have been working hard to ensure that my readers receive the best experience possible, and I listen happily to your input.  It shows that you care when you reach out!

Well, that’s all for today, until tomorrow – be blessed.

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

At least 69 alleged Russian mafia arrested in European crackdown

You know that I like to make a distinction between fiction (which I write) and fact (which does exist).  Check out the latest in working groups across Europe’s war on organized crime.

The Christian Monitor reported the following:

A Europe-wide crackdown on alleged mobsters from the former Soviet Union continued Monday, with arrests now totaling at least 69. The suspects are accused of robbery, drug smuggling, money laundering, and other crimes.

The crackdown, dubbed “Operation Java,” has exposed the global reach of the Russian mafia, who some experts claim now dominate the criminal underworld in several European countries and are active as far away as Australia and Singapore.

The Associated Press reported Monday that the crackdown started as a probe into the Russian mob by Spanish authorities. Spain arrested 24 suspects over the weekend, with more arrests in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, Reuters said.

The Guardian reported that the mob had targeted Spanish real estate investments for money laundering. 

Police have carried out a series of operations against the Russian mafia and its money-laundering operations in Spain’s corruption-riddled property sector over the past four years.

Among those to have been detained in recent years is Zakhar Kalashov, accused of being a senior mafia boss. Kalashov is on bail, awaiting sentence in a money-laundering trial that was carried out under tight security and that ended in December.

Armenians, Russians, and Georgians were arrested. Criminals from former Soviet states are often lumped together as the “Russian mob,” despite varying origins.

Video at Spanish newspaper El Pais’ website showed authorities hustling suspects into police cars, and carrying evidence away from raided buildings.

El Pais on Tuesday quoted Swiss prosecutors and a Spanish police source on the massive scope and reach of the criminal ring. (in Spanish)

“This is a perfectly structured, highly hierarchical international criminal organization, directed from Spain and mainly active in robbery, burglary, and receiving stolen goods,” said Swiss prosecutors in a statement relating to 11 detainees.

The criminal group also raised money in Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Britain, and Turkey. “We’re going to find big mansions and enormous amounts of money, as we did in other operations,” a Spanish police source said.

In March, investigative journalist Ruslan Gorevoy claimed that mobsters from the former Soviet Union operating outside Russia now numbered as many as 300,000 and have come to dominate the criminal underworld in several countries, the Moscow Times reported, citing an article in the Russian-language Versiya.

Gorevoy says law enforcement personnel in many countries – including Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, France, Mexico, “and even the United States” –have been surprised by how “confidently” criminal groups consisting of people from the former Soviet Union now dominate their national criminal worlds.

Indeed, the Versiya report continues, the Russian groups, which include “up to 300,000 of our compatriots,” have succeeded in pushing aside local groups and establishing their own “spheres of influence” to the point that they no longer need to “clarify relations with the help of arms.”

Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen Chapter One is Up

Hello my friends in the cyber world,

It’s 7 a.m. and I’m sitting in front of my new computer hubby just purchased for me informing you that Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen – Chapter One is up for your review.  Please take a look on the new blog and tell me what you think!  Don’t want to give any spoilers on this blog. So I won’t say anymore about that.

xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Setting of Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen

True Alpha Males Speak With Actions Not Words

Don’t ask me where this is coming from.  I have no plans to share with you my origins of today’s subject matter or my inspirational muse.  However, I want to talk to you about actions vs. words when it comes to our characters in Dmitry’s Closet, because this allows me to share insight with you from my perspective and helps me ask you about yours.

Dmitry was a man about action.  Remember the boyfriend of the foster mother who tried the funny business with Royal?  Snip. Snip.  It seems that when creating the perfect alpha male, the first thing that comes to mind is his physical dominance and his mental superiority over other males.  Dmitry is definitely both, which pulls out the animal instinct in a woman to just go crazy, mouth-foaming mad over him.

However, and ladies help me if I am wrong, but most alpha males that I have met have one thing in common.  They don’t talk a good game, they play a good game.  In fact, with alpha males, they don’t normally talk at all about what they are going to do.  It just gets done.

What about you?  Is your alpha male a talker and doer or just a doer?

Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen Blog Site is Live

For those of you out in cyber world who have been with us since the first entry of Dmitry’s Closet blog, you know that natural progression of things as we develop the characters, the reading material and the audience.  A blog is key to reaching readers and allowing your readers to reach you. This is why I write!  I love it…absolutely love it.

Now, we’ve worked really hard on the story of Dmitry’s Closet, and we’re ready to move on.  Are you ready?  Yeah?  Okay, let’s do this.  But before we do, check this site regularly for information regarding the original book.

Okay.  Here we go.  Click the link below and tell me what you think of:

Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen

Race and Relationships. Was Royal Stone Black Enough?

I know what I was going for when I wrote Royal, and I know what I see her growing into over time.  However, because of some the interesting emails and letters I have received about Royal, I have to pose this question.  For you readers in cyberspace who have already read the book, was Royal Black enough? 

Black enough. What is black to you?  The black experience? W hat is that to you?  When you discuss this, you have to be very careful, because you don’t want to say that talking a certain way, being in a certain income bracket or being a certain shade of chocolate makes you black.  And while some may say it, it is not accurate. 

There are African-American English professors with such command of the English language, until when taking their classes; I actually wished that I spoke Spanish to get away from them.  I’ve met rich black people who were so disconnected and confused, I felt like I was talking to an alien.  On the other hand, I’ve met poor black people with such a clear vision of life, it was like sitting at the feet of Ghandi.  In terms of color, I dare you to look any woman of color (regardless of shade) in her face and tell her that she’s not black enough or even ask her the question. 

In essence, we are all different.  And the black experience is all different.  It is pieces of a quilt so large, our eyes will never see the end of it.  We hailed from the Egyptian era to Obama era.  How can that be summed up?  It can’t.  But that’s just my opinion.

Share yours.

Be heard.

Be a voice.

“I speak to the Black experience, but I am always talking about the human condition–about what we can endure, dream, fail at and survive.”
Maya Angelou

Dmitry’s Closet on Sale on Latrivia Nelson’s Web Site for $10.00

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a busy week here, and I’m sure that the same applies for all of my ladies and gents in cyberspace.  Just wanted to make a special announcement.  Dmitry’s Closet is going on SALE.  This will be a perfect gift to get for someone you love or like and it always comes with an autograph.  Also, it’s only $10.00.  Retail is $12.99.  The sale is indefinite, but definitely until March 31st

Xoxo and all that jazz,


P.S.  Check out this crazy YouTube Video that I found that will make you laugh and frown (Like…what the hell?  Did I really just see that?)

Dmitry’s Closet is now available at Barnes & Noble

We all love to go to the bookstore.  My favorite outings includes going to our local B&N and hanging out with my husband for hours going through the shelves looking for awesome new books.  I am so pleased to announce to everyone nationwide that Barnes & Noble now carries Dmitry’s Closet on their website and for a limited time, they are offering everyone the member price of $9.35. 

What this means is if you (1) have a B&N card and only order your books through them, (2) want to call and have Dmitry’s Closet delivered to your favorite (B&N) store or (3) want to tell a friend where to order the book, you can now do so!

Our next step with Barnes & Noble is to get the book on shelves.  This may take a while, however, stay prayerful with us that this happens.  Spread the word to everyone!

And thanks so much for your support.  We are still on Amazon’s Bestseller List for Mulitcultural books for the 4th weekend in a row.

Xoxo and that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Click here to go to B&N website:

Manic Readers Reviewed Dmitry’s Closet. Received 4 stars!

A very popular and highly regarded Romance Review Site, Manic Readers, reviewed our own Dmitry’s Closet and gave it 4 stars!  While I am always striving for excellence, I appreciate the nearly perfect reviews that we have received along with perfect(!).  For all of you have supported this book on so many levels, I wanted to share this review with you.  Also, thanks to Manic Readers for taking the time to read my work.

Click below to check it out!

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia Nelson

Dmitry’s Closet on Sale on Kindle for the Month of March Only $3.99

In celebration of the wonderful response from readers, Dmitry’s closet will be on sale for the month of March only for $3.99.  We wanted to do this in celebration of its international success.  Stay tuned for more info also on the upcoming sequel. 

Thanks for your support.


Latrivia Nelson

Great Combo of Nelson’s Books on Kindle: $9.00 buys Ivy’s Twisted Vine and Dmitry’s Closet

Ladies and gents, you know how much of a fan I am of bargains.  Well, we have made sure that in this recession, romance and drama don’t cost you much.  For $9 on Kindle, you can purchase Dmitry’s Closet (2010) and Ivy’s Twisted Vine(2008) for $9.  Two books for less than the price of one.  Many of us want something to read at the office, in the park, on the subway train, in the cab, in our meetings that stimulates the mind.  Memos, proposals, homework assignments, studies and bills don’t do it.  So, if you own a Kindle, you can secretly store your favorite characters in your electronic book for less than it costs for a cup of Starbucks coffee and a newspaper.  Also, did you know that if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the program and read it on your computer?  It’s easy, fun and entertaining.  Check it out.

For all my friends who will sign up for our first call, don’t forget that tomorrow, we have our Dmitry’s Closet Conference call at 7 (CST).  Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4875 Host Access Code: 988038* Participant Access Code: 988038#.  We can talk Dmitry’s Closet and the newest book that will be out soon.

Have a great weekend,


First Global Book Club Call (Free) about Dmitry’s Closet on March 1st, 2010 at 7 CST. Everyone is welcome to call in!

We are trying to make these calls intimate so that readers can really share their insight, but I want you all to know that you are welcome to chime in on the call whether you are a purchasers from my sight, Amazon, Kindle or other online bookstores.  We plan to really chat out the book, the concept, the possiblities, what we liked, what we did not like, etc.

Ladies, have your wine and chesse, your coffee and pie, your favorite pillow and relaxing music ready. 

Please consider chiming in on our 1st global book club call which will take place on March 1st at 7 (CST). 
Free Conference Call
Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4875
Host Access Code: 988038*
Participant Access Code: 988038#
We can talk Dmitry’s Closet and the newest book that will be out soon…Royal Flush!

Dmitry’s Closet: What happened to Nadia?

Okay, my latest question about Dmitry’s Closet  was about Nadia.  Remember her?  She was the uber model that Dmitry was seeing in Chapter 3. 

Kimber from Oakland, CA wanted to know: Latrivia, what happened to Nadia?  Did he break up with her?  Why didn’t Dmitry date around like Nicola?

Ladies, have you ever prayed for a certain type of man?  The type of man that if you saw him and he propositioned you, you would drop everything to be with him.  Well, it was reverse for Dmitry and Royal.  Royal was not seeking a man at all.  She was looking for a job.  But Dmitry was on the prowl.  He was a hunter, looking for that perfect woman.

When Royal said that the only reason that she wouldn’t go on a date with Dmitry was because she wouldn’t be the center of attention, if Nadia went, then Dmitry automatically got rid of Nadia.

Dmitry was old enough to know that what he had been playing for in the restaurant when he first met Royal would probably never come again this lifetime.  It was better for him to get rid of Nadia and focus on the love he wanted that on the love he would never have for someone so materialistic.

Emily Dickinson’s love poem comes to mind:

I held a Jewel in my fingers

I held a Jewel in my fingers —
And went to sleep —
The day was warm, and winds were prosy —
I said “‘Twill keep” —

I woke — and chid my honest fingers,
The Gem was gone —
And now, an Amethyst remembrance
Is all I own —

How many of us, whether male of female, rich or poor, have had something wonderful and great and let it get away?  Sometimes, there is only that moment.  So, if you know a guy and gentlemen who is more beautiful in his soul than you’ve ever seen….jump!  Otherwise, you’ll be lost without them.

Dmitry’s Closet Reader Discussions on Free Conference Once A Week

Dmitry's Closet Reader's Call Once A Week

Well, ladies and gentlemen.  You’ve asked for it and it’s coming.  Whether you are an east coast, west coast, Midwest or southern reader, you’ll now be able to give all of your wonderful feedback in our coffee, wine and chat discussions via free conference call once a week.  Every week, we’ll take emails from our readers and set up conference calls to chat about the book.  You’ll be able to ask questions, share your feelings and give input about Dmitry’s Closet.  If you’re interested simply email me at and we’ll send you the conference call number and code .  There is no fee involved but lots of fun promised.

We’ll talk about the characters, the settings, the motivations, the plot, the sequel and our own personal stories of fun with Dmitry’s Closet.

First conference call will be March 1st at 7:00 (CST). 

Can’t wait to talk to you!

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia Nelson

Dmitry’s Closet Valentine’s Day Sale for $10 – Thursday thru Sunday This Week Only

One Weekend only.  There are so many of us that will spend Valentine’s Day alone.  I remember when Adam was in Iraq, and I spent two Valentine’s Day holidays alone.  I was sad and bummed.  I didn’t have anything to do or anyone to spend time with during this time.  I was pissed.  However, a good book can always change the mood.

In honor of my sisters-in-paper, I am going to put Dmitry’s Closet on sale for Valentine’s Day on (Thursday, February 11th – Sunday, February 14th) for $10.  This does not include express shipping and handling of $5.00. This ensures that you get quickly.   Normally shipping takes 7 days and is a little cheaper, but I don’t know if you’ll get it quick enough.  Express shipping ensures that you get it FAST!

The sale will go on Thursday and  off on Sunday.  I hope that it makes you happy.

Have a great night,

Latrivia Nelson

Let’s Talk About Chapter One – Dmitry’s Closet – Analyzing Dmitry Medlov

You know that I love when you reach out and ask me questions.  Whether it pertains to delivery of books or development of character, my phone is always on and available to you.  So, Destiny in Boise, Idaho reached out with her question to my email and asked,

“Can you explain your character development for Dmitry Medlov in Chapter One?  What was the significance of him playing the violin, his size and his owning a restaurant?”

Good question, Destiny. 

In chapter one, when Royal sees Dmitry he is “perched on a stool” playing his violin.  Music speaks to the soul.  Often we hear a song with or without words that speak to our emotions and our experience at that time or remind us of another time.  Dmitry was lonely, even though he had so money and influence, he still did not have a significant other that truly loved him.  Money doesn’t answer every problem with the right answer.  I know millionaires who have the complete package and millionaires who only have their money.  Dmitry only had his money.  He longed for something more powerful than the almighty dollar and he recognized that he needed it in order to complete him.

Since music and food are the languages of love, I chose for my characters to experience both in order to jump start the chemistry.  Plus, the quickest way to a woman’s heart is not only diamonds, it’s also good duck!

His size was simply to continue to show that his character was larger than life.  He commanded every situation with his grace, beauty and his sheer dynamic size.  We all like big men right?  We all love to see a man in a nice suit, nice clothes, nice shoes who smells good and knows that he’s a good pick.  But it has to muted.  He can’t tell you that he has to bomb, it has to been shown through his alpha-male demeanor.

Here’s a thought though.  We all want the GQ man of the year, but there are very few of us who can handle him.

XoXo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Should I buy Dmitry’s Closet from or Latrivia’s Website?

One of my readers reached out to me today and asked why she should purchase Dmitry’s Closet from my website over the web site.  Well, any site including mine that is verified is safe.  My site is PayPal verified.  All orders and information is safe and only used at the order’s discretion to reach out to them about upcoming events, talks, book, etc.  Amazon also has a very safe program in place to protect identity but they don’t notify you when there’s a group talk, or if I’m in the city or if there is an online conversation.  Also, the difference between Amazon and my site is that I give all of my readers an autographed copy of the book, our shipping is cheaper and we have the opportunity to communicate.  Either way, the purchase of book is well appreciated and the ultimate goal is to give you a more than satisfactory experience.  So, if you purchase on this site or Amazon or any other site, I want you to always know that I autograph you book, keep you looped in and forever  be grateful for your support.

Keep the questions coming,

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Why Did Royal Have to Be A Virgin in Dmitry’s Closet?

I absolutely love when readers reach out and ask questions about motivation.  Today, I received an email from Amber in Pensacola, FL and Julie in New Orleans, LA about why I chose a virgin for this book.   Well, it’s quite simple.  When I wrote Ivy’s Twisted Vine, I explored a young woman who had been with two very experienced lovers.  The betrayal that faced both the men and herself was something that is created when people don’t have a clear sense of self.  Ivy was a good girl with a lot of things going on around her.  Royal is a stronger character.  She is true to herself first.  She is the type that would rather let you go than compromise who she is as a person.  She is faithful and true and I think a lot of that is because of her limited experience with men and the tragedies that she had been exposed to so early in life.  Being a virgin is a choice.  But I will posit that it is one of the hardest choices that women of a certain age can endure, because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Once you give it away, you NEVER GET IT BACK.

So, I had a woman who understood her worth and refused to budge and I had a man who understood her worth and refused to give up.  It was the perfect mix.  Plus, I wanted to encourage women to think about their choices.  Do I suggest women go out and sleep with only rich mafia crime bosses?  No.  I suggest you find someone who would give up everything to be with you, because often we give up everything to be with them.  We quit our jobs to move around the country with them.  We leave behind our families to become their wives.  Sometimes, we even give up our identity to be more of what they want us to be. 

Dmitry’s sacrifice was a symbol of how African-American women should not lose focus of the fact that they are beautiful, special or worthy.  We need not throw ourselves down on the ground and bow below them like we have to serve in order to be uplifted in a man’s eyes.  We need only make him wait until he realizes that we are special. 

I wanted the physical bond between Royal and Dmitry to be electric and pure.  While their relationship is constantly tested (and whose relationship isn’t), the one thing that you know when you read about them is that they love each other despite…

Okay, that’s my answer.  That’s why she had to be a virgin.  It’s the beginning of the Mr. & Mrs. Medlov collection.  More to come?  Of course!

XoXo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Hundreds Visit & Buy Dmitry’s Closet!!!!

The orders have been coming in at a record speed and Amazon has sold out of the book and they just put it up for sale day before yesterday. However, I want you all to know that each of you is important to me. So, it is my main objective to make sure that you receive them and are happy. I’ll be reaching out to each of you once you receive your orders to see how you liked it. Keep in mind, orders take from 7-10 business days to ship. In the future, I will have faster shipping options. We’re working on that now. However, I hate for the price of the book to get pricey for you. So, I want it to be an option, not a must in this recession.

The hundreds of you who have visited the site and purchased, I want you to know how personally honored I am to have you. The many hours away from my family and in mental turmoil is worth it when you send me your many emails and give me your calls. For those of you who I missed calls today, I’ll call you tomorrow.

Have a great night,


Some people have not been able to find the site. I’ve gotten a few emails. So, I wanted to provide the web site address.

Thanks again for your support,

Latrivia Nelson

Ice Storm Drama

My House - The Snow

The weather outside if frightful but the orders are sure delightful and since I can’t drive in the snow, I just let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Hope all is well faithful readers.  We had a hell of a storm to hit here in Memphis on Thursday night that has left all of us shut in like hermits.  My biggest hope is that the streets clear off by Monday.  I’ve got orders here for all of you…all autographed with bits of love and appreciation.  Every day, I have received more and more.  So, I wanted to give you an update, and let you know that as soon as the ice melts, and I don’t kill myself or anyone else on the roads, I’ll be at the USPS shop dropping off your orders.

Thanks so much for your support and your wonderful words of kindness.  It is this type of response that makes me write and makes me passionate about the written word.  All of you are welcomed to email me at any time at or give me a shout at 910-539-9393. 

However, don’t think that this is it.  I’ve got so much fun stuff in store for us.  Interactive conversations will start to take place in two weeks.  I’ll list the schedules.  We’ll all log on to World Vuer and talk about the book, ask questions and make suggestions.

Until then let it snow.

Xoxo and all that jazz,


Everyone is Asking, Who is Alexandria?! (via The Official Blog Of Anatoly Medlov)

Find out more about Dmitry’s first life, before the money, came the pain.

Everyone is Asking,  Who is Alexandria?! Happy Turkey Day to everyone out there.  If you’re like me, you’re still glued to the computer in between getting ready to eat more than your share and see the family.  Before we jet off, let’s talk about The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 1.  Now, normally, I would create a completely new blog, but the stories are important to each other as you look at how father made it vs. son for both Dmitry and Anatoly and Ivan and Gabriel.  So, I … Read More

via The Official Blog Of Anatoly Medlov

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