Anatoly Medlov: Silence is A Virtue.

Ladies, I know that I’ve been gone for a while.  I’ve had quite the events going on, but now that things are settled for the moment, I had to get back to you, and how I’ve missed you.  The thing that has been on my mind has been my favorite character, Anatoly.  I’ve been working away everyday on his character development and in order to do so, I’ve had to constantly look at where he came from. 

In Dmitry’s Closet, Anatoly is the silent type.  However, in my opinion, his silence spoke in volumes.  There is something to be said about a man who can “hold his secrets.”  Have you ever met a man who was a chatter box?  You sit down with him and in ten minutes you know his entire life story.  There is nothing exciting about that.  For one thing, he likes to talk about himself.  Secondly, you can bet that half of what he’s telling you (unless he’s Forest Gump) isn’t true.

The only men who should be allowed to tell their life stories are old men and young boys.  Old men don’t have long on this earth and may be able to impart knowledge and wisdom.  Young boys (ten and under) haven’t been here long enough to bore you out of your mind.  Every other age group in between should learn to be conservative.

Our ongoing theme is the undying quest to find the Alpha Male.  Are there really many Alpha Males who are chatter boxes?  I wonder this often.  You meet a man in a bookstore.  He’s tall, beautiful, educated, but if he’s long winded, he’s probably trying to cover up something by talking.  You meet a gorgeous guy at the gym.  He’s muscular, he’s tan, he’s rich and he’s infatuated with his ex-girlfriend, whom he talks about whenever he’s reminded of something.  You meet a great doctor with hand that are strong and firm, but he uses them to talk and hypnotizes you with his long fingers as he describes how he performs each and every small procedure but couldn’t give you a back massage if he had instructions.  I could go on and on.  My girlfriends and I talk all the time at our dinner meetings (which consists of a lot of Jack Daniels and Scotch) and we always lament over the things that scratch men off the Alpha Male List.

What is the Alpha Male List?  It’s a list of undeniable characteristics that only a true Alpha Male has.  It’s fun and ridiculous, but it’s a great conversation topic.  You should try it.  Get your girls together and build your own Alpha Male like a Build-A-Bear. 

Anyhow, all of that is said to say this.  Anatoly is silent because behind his beautiful bright eyes are dark secrets that aren’t meant to be told.  The mysterious nature of his youth is what will propel him to an awesome future in the series. 

Now, quick question to all of you.  What is your ideal Alpha male?  And would you agree that he need be quiet? 

XoXo and all that jazz,




  1. Hello Latrivia!! I was wondering did you leave us hanging.

    In my opinion as far as Alpha males go they should be men of action with limited conversation. Conversation is for men who talk about what they are going to do verses actually doing. And considering Anatoly’s position control over his mouth was a discipline that he had to learn early in life in order to be where he is now. And having Dmitry as a father probably reinforced that message to him.

    Like at the end of Royal Flush when Dmitry strapped the bomb to his chest, he wasn’t just there flapping his gums about his love for his family he was ready to show them the extent of his love. Drastic as it may have been it still delivered the message that was needed.

    So Anatoly’s silence is right on target. Most men in postions of power save their conversations for only a select few.

  2. Hi Mrs. Nelson,

    In my experience Alpha’s are not “Chatty Cathys”. They let their actions speak for them. For me there is nothing worse than dealing with a man who has diarrhea of the mouth. We all know the ones who constantly talk about doing big things, but in the end do nothing. And we all know that there is a time and place for everything, and given Anatoly’s line of work, *wink,wink* it’s smarter for him to stay silent. There is something to be said for the strong silent type of man. I’ve also noticed that most Alpha’s have women in their lives who help to balance them out, sort of yin yang. And they confide in them when the time is right.

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