Latrivia Nelson at Republic Coffee

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to share an awesome video that was done at the best coffee spot in Memphis on July 15th, Republic Coffee.  We had been in the discussion for about two hours before this video was taken, so I have on no make-up and I’m pretty tired.  So, look at your own risk!!!

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Drop Date Pushed Back to July 15th Due to Printer

It’s a sad state of affairs for me ladies and gentlemen.  The book is complete, but the hard copy format will not be ready until July 15th.  Please world, do not be angry with me.  I’m working around the clock to provide some benefits in lieu of this horrid blunder.  Last time, the drop date was off by a month and half.  So, I’m happy to report that it’s just ten days later.  For many, it’s ten days too long.  So, I’m offering this:

However, you can still pre-order on my site ( starting tonight or on

Pre-order and you will receive a free PDF copy of the book for you to read until your book arrives.  I made the announcement tonight and have received great feedback from the readers.  Thanks so much for you all who have understood.  And I’m so blessed to have so many supporters. 

The good news is that the book will still be available on Kindle on the 5th!  You can also purchase the PDF format without the hard copy for $5 on  So, if you don’t have a Kindle, like to read at work or home or prefer to laptop or desktop to pick up books, you won’t miss a beat.  For my hardcopy readers, the printer says that it could very well be back next week, but they’ve given me that date to be safe.  So, I’ll keep you updated. 

For all of those who receive the PDF, please send me your thoughts through the blog, facebook and email to let me know what you think ( 

And please Pray for me that I don’t jump off a cliff:-(

Xoxo and all that jazz,


New Dmitry’s Royal Flush Trailer

Hello Everyone,

My entire team is dog tired.  We are 13 days out from the final polishing touches to the book and their completion and after that only 30 days before the drop of Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen.  Take a look at our new trailer for the book and please tell me exactly what you think!!!!

Can’t wait to reveal it to all of you!


New Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen Video

Here’s a sneak peak of Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen video trailer.  The real deal will be ready in early June but this is our first draft.  Hope that you enjoy!!!

Looking a gift horse in its mouth: Why Royal didn’t question Dmitry’s wealth.

Many readers have sent mail about why Royal didn’t question Dmitry and his wealth.  As I thought through the characters, I realized the element of surprise during the climax of the book would be key.  However, I wanted to show the naiveté of Royal and her hidden desire not to know, because of what the implications would bring about.  I’m sure most of us as we read thought to ourselves that she had to have known.  And as a writer, I wanted people to think that. 

Royal was poor.  A poor woman has standards and morals just like anyone else.  Sometimes, she may be poor, because she has more morals than some people.  However, I would posit that she did not look into Dmitry’s wealth, because if she started to question him, she might ruin her relationship.  Sometimes the relationship means more to a woman than getting a clear answer.  If you don’t believe me, go and visit the justice department on any day and speak to random women who are incarcerated because of their lack of knowledge.

If you as a woman were in a relationship with a wealthy man, who was wealthy before you met him, and lived an open life like Dmitry, who was well known in the community and beautiful, would you snoop?  For every woman, the answer is going to be different.  However, for many women, once they had been introduced to a certain lifestyle, the honest answer would be a difficult one.

When you meet a successful man, you are not going to necessarily think mafia (unless you’re Royal after the experience).  You wouldn’t think that he was a gun runner, a mob boss or anything horrible.   You simply think that he is successful.

Throughout the story, there was a great deal that was going on that Royal was not aware of and she was only 23-24 years of age during the entire storyline.  So, she wasn’t a 50 year old woman who had seen everything or enough to read the signs.  She was an orphan, who wanted to be loved by someone.  Maybe that was the draw for Dmitry as well.  He enjoyed control, and he stated that.  Would he pick someone who he had to battle with constantly?  I doubt it. 

Place yourself in her shoes and ask yourself, if you had nothing and suddenly were given everything, how quickly would you let that go?

There’s my answer.  That’s why I didn’t allow Royal to look the gift horse in the mouth.  The story isn’t about triumph, so much as it is about struggle.  Keep that in mind as you read.  And continue to ask your questions.  I love all of your responses!

Xoxo and all that jazz,


Ebookitude Gives Dmitry’s Closet a Great Review

Shout out to Ebookitude who gave Dmitry’s Closet a great review last week.  I also had a wonderful reader help me wheedle out all of the grammatical errors since then (YEAH!), and they have been sent off to the printer to ensure the changes are made by the month’s end! 

If I could quote the reviewer:

“I give this book an enthusiastic endorsement. The editor, (if there was one) missed some very noticable errors, but the concept is so good you’ll be happy to overlook them. It’s a little pricey at a little over $9.00, and you may fill like your taking a chance on an unknown author, but once you get your hands on this book you won’t put it down. This is a great story and a great read.”

Check out the whole review on their website . 

So, I do listen to healthy criticism.  I have been working hard to ensure that my readers receive the best experience possible, and I listen happily to your input.  It shows that you care when you reach out!

Well, that’s all for today, until tomorrow – be blessed.

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Setting of Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen

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