Dmitry Medlov

I have received about six emails from women who have read the book and are amazed at the anatomy of Dmitry Medlov.  One woman, Carol Kriger, has asked me to (1) breakdown his body type for her from the author’s perspective.  This sounded fun, so I agreed.  She also asked me to (2) tell her where my motivation for his character came from and how I arrived at a seven foot mob boss. This part is a little more complicated, but I will give my best answer.

Answer 1:  Dmitry Medlov is seven feet tall, blonde, extremely muscular (athletic muscular, not bodybuilder muscular), striking blue eyes, a wide smile, strong features – chiseled chin, wide set eyes, etc.  He has a baritone voice, a thick Russian accent, tons of tattoos, wears mostly tailored suits, wears a strange, sexy cologne that reminds you of sandalwood and worst of all he has serious swagger. 

He hardly ever raises his voice, only likes fine living, loves caviar, borscht and vodka.  He grew up in the streets and raised his only brother.  So, he’s rough around the edges but through time has learned to be more refined.  He plays the guitar, reads excessively, enjoys quiet nights alone, spoils his lovers and has a bad habit of staring his opponent down.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this kind of man is hardly ordinary.  So, he stands out.  I imagine he has stood out his entire life as an alpha male who is beautiful, capable and legendary. 

Answer 2:  I am really into the heroine being saved by the hero.  I know that we are strong independent woman of the twenty-first century.  I am definitely one.  However, I still like the chivalrous man, who exerts a little force and knows when to be very gentle.  Unfortunately, I know more fumbling bumbling men then I do true gents.  So, my small arsenal of alpha men with the “proper breeding” are natural resources that I lean on for most of my insight.  I use my “natural resources”, my imagination and my public sightings to help me build the perfect man for my stories. 

My husband is into tats; a good friend of mine gives me some Russian insight; I once dated a guy who was 6’7”.  It was a very short romance, but it’s still a friendship that allows me to marvel at him from a far.  I’ve met and know my fair share of true bad boys on both sides of the law, and I have quite a few “international friends.”  So there you go.  All answers answered in a nutshell.

Smooth Operator: The Sex Appeal of Dmitry Medlov

“Latrivia, why did you create Dmitry in the manner in which you did?”  Calee, Jacksonville, FL

Okay.  So he’s a criminal who has served time in a serious Russian prison.  He’s a killer who has notches on his belt two times over.  He’s fighter with preference for the serrated-edged knife.  He’s a crime boss and gun runner.  These are the things that make him bad.


He dresses in only the best suits, and even when he puts on jeans, he tends to heat up a room. He wears a signature cologne that makes women swoon to him, flock to his body and beg him to choose them.  He drives the best in Italian and German engineering.  He lives in mansions around the country.  He is rich, plays violin and has the body of a supersized Michelangelo.  Did I mention that he is seven feet tall, blond, blue-eyed and speaks at least two languages.

Dmitry is a smooth operator.  He knows how to balance his unsavory characteristics with things that no woman could ignore.  While developing his character, I did have some help.  I turned to the men in my life who were toxic, for lack of a better word.  Everything that they said, did, worked towards was about sex, control, money and power.  Don’t worry ladies, my husband isn’t included in that number, but I will say that having these men around keeps you grounded.  You realize that there is always an angle. 

Dmitry had a serious angle and he’d been working it for years.  (1) he knew his size was intimidating, (2) he knew his beauty was captivating, (3) he knew his money controlled his environment, (4) he knew his men controlled the underworld, (4) he was brilliant and unafraid, (5) he was daring and unique, (6) he did what he wanted.

Of course, it took like six men combined to develop Dmitry and that will be for a later post, but I will tell you that it was exhausting….but well worth it.

When you combine all of the things that make a man bad and good together to create a Frankenstein type character, you get perfection.  I’m not speaking about my writing skills, I’m simply speaking about the creation.  We want men to be beautiful, want them to be virile, want them to be carnal, want them to be rich, powerful and faithful…and we’ll only get all of those things in a book. 

Dmitry is our guy. Dmitry is your guy.  He’s a smooth operator.



  1. Dmitry is the “MAN!” Damn I love a tall hero. Best part he is straight and handsome that alone gets my blood pumping. He is everything man should be loyal protect strong killass total alpha male prime. If all men was made like him it be some very happy women on this planet. I know I will be very happy total satisfy.

    • I think we all want a strong alpha male type to be that perfect protector! They don’t make them like this anymore though. That’s why he’s older. He came from the old school. I can’t wait to put the new book in your hands!

  2. I’ve just started reading Dmitry’s Closet and I’ve fallen in love with Dmitry. I love him and Royal together. Dmitry is ultra sexy and he’s got plenty of swagger. Hey, come on, even his name sounds sexy.

  3. I’ve just spent the last 48 hours reading all four books in this series and I’m completely in love! Dmitry is the ideal man in my book hands down.

    Throughout the books I’ve wondered about his age, and I’ve re-read Dmitry’s Closet where he’s asked by Royal…..I thought I was seeing things but he says he’s 31……was this a misprint? and he’s actually 41 when he meets her?

    clarification please 🙂


    Dmitry Medlov | Dmitry’s Closet

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