Red Fellas


While Dmitry from Dmitry’s Closet is a fictional uber sexy, Russian Mafia boss, there are real life Red Fellas that aren’t so interested in finding love as they are in controlling the money.

One of the most notorious Russian Godfathers of the 21st century,  Vyacheslav Ivankov was in the Thai Elephant Restaurant (not Mother Russia Restaurant) when he was brutally shot by a sniper three times in the stomach on July 30th.    Ivankov underwent emergency surgery, meanwhile prosecutors opened an investigation.

A security service source told the Ria-Novosti agency that Boss Ivankov, 69, may have been the target of a revenge attack after he had sought to mediate a dispute between rival gangs involved in gambling rackets.

Police later found a sniper’s rifle in a stolen vehicle abandoned nearby.



  1. I love your books… I wish you were part machine so you could spit them out as fast as i finish reading them.

  2. I find their reign terror on their fellow countrymen awful. Those that live by the sword die by the sword and usually the evil that they cause will turn back against them like a sword in the chest. Russia needs some kind of lawful enforcement and laws to get them under control. Forty percent of business are subjected to to their brutality. Russia is second in Aides to Africa as far as people infected but the government ignores it waiting for the dirty population to die out or kill each other out but it will only spread. The do nothing attitude has created some monsters that will have to be dealt with sooner than they think I’m sure. Proof that government should not terrorize their people but try rather to solve the issues and place value on human life . Instead of locking them up pitting one against the other like dogs in a pit fight. See the results. Not cool. Just a few things I think people should about.

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