The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 4

Since Lady Hutton’s death and his marriage to her, Dmitry Medlov’s life has completely changed.  Now wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, his aspirations quickly move from more money to more power. Only the power he seeks is held by the commanding and elusive Czar of the underworld, Boss Evgeny Smirnov.

When Dmitry successfully talks the underboss and the all-knowing eye of the underworld, Khalid, into arranging a meeting between he and Boss Smirnov,  he has no idea what troubles he is about to face.  There are secrets that will be exposed in Prague that will forever change his young life again, leading to a decision that will rock the underworld for good. 

Meanwhile, back in London, the city is buzzing about the deaths of the entire board of directors of Dmitry’s newly acquired business, Hutton Industries, minus the company’s former front man, who was involved in a gruesome home invasion that left him blind, deaf, mute and paralyzed.  

With no witnesses, leads or proof combined with the botched attempt on his own life during the horrid chain of events, Dmitry is looked over as a person of interest by Scotland Yard and is given carte blanche to turn his new private company into his personal money laundering hub right under the public’s nose with the help of his live-in girlfriend, Oxford University senior and business genius, Elsa.  And it’s just in time for his new secret alliance with the leaders of a powerful paramilitary sect led by Elsa’s father in Angola, Africa.

Dmitry’s new found power creates a checkmate for his ambitions to be boss but puts a target squarely on his back by not only organized crime heads around the world but also by his own brother, Ivan.  Secret alliances are formed.  Money is exchanged, and a definite war is looming.  Only no one is willing to give up as much as Dmitry is to be king.

Read the last volume of the first book, The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov and witness the heart stopping rise of a giant and everything that he’s willing to do to become the world’s most powerful and deadly boss. 

Only $3.

E-Book goes on sale on October 1, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.


Why Do Women Like Bad Boys?

Dark portrait of scary man with evil eyes

Ivan Medlov - Dmitry's bad little brother

First of all, Happy Veteran’s Day to all of our military service members!
Today is a special day for all U.S. citizens. Hug a vet and check out my other blog for a more personal story.

On to Dmitry’s Closet…
My little sister was quite mischievous when she was little. I would constantly have to get her out of trouble, but it was never anything major and never anything illegal. Too bad Dmitry can’t say the same thing about his little brother (by 3 years) Ivan Medlov.

Ivan is the sleeper that you never see coming. While he is comparable in size to his massive brother, he is quite the yin of their yin-yang operation.

I made his features a reflection of that yin-yang connection. Ivan has dark hair, a 5 o’clock shadow, a different mischevious swagger, wears dark clothes, has hooded dark eyes and allows the worst of words to come out of his mouth. He likes confusion and revels in being able to inflict pain.

Here are some facts without giving away the story about Ivan. (1) he is Vor, (2) he is beautiful, (3) he is a sociopath, (4) he is out for revenge, (5) he is smitten with Royal, (6) he is his brother’s worst nightmare (7) he’s ambitious and (8) he’s money hungry.

Now, I’ve had a few readers to tell me that they actually liked Ivan. They like that he says what he wants and does what he wants. They like that he breaks the rules and doesn’t scare easy. So that brings me to my blog entry for today.Why do women like bad boys? Is it because as good women, the polarization itself if stimulating or is it because we desire something we know isn’t good for us?


Now, I’ve know a few bad boys in my life (and I don’t mean the losers –so you boys can count yourself out). They were really bad but they were on the good side of the law (military, cops, firemen, SSA, etc.). One thing that I have found striking is how similar they are to the bad men on the other side of the law. Both can be smart, cunning, protective, business-minded, charming but only one can be righteous (And that is what made them great guys and good people). That’s why I like bad good boys. There is a difference to me based on social norms and morals and character. Believe it or not, even Dmitry has these qualities.

For you that like bad, bad boys (like Ivan), what draws you to them and adds that special appeal? I’m dying to know.

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