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I was having a day (which I’ll blog about later) but Nakita made it all better with this awesome review.  I have to share it with you.  Please visit their site and share this on your blogs. 

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Latrivia S. Nelson

Reviewed by Nikita Steele

Dmitry’s Closet by Latrivia S. Nelson

For the first time in his life, Dmitry Medlov was considering breaking the code, departing his empire and starting a new life with Royal Stone.  But, because of his ties to the Russia Mafia as the ruthless leader of the Medlov Organized Crime Family, that was easier said than done, especially since every known law enforcement agent was determined to take him down.  And, it didn’t help matters much that his one and only blood brother was trying to take over his kingdom by permanently eliminating him with deadly force.  Yet, the worst part of it all was that his beloved Royal was totally in the dark about his criminal life.

While searching for a job, Royal Stone met Dmitry Medlov.  Greatly intrigued by her, Dmitry instantly hired her to manage his new clothing boutique named Dmitry’s Closet.  Although, surprised by the offer, Royal felt very gracious by the opportunity and quickly agreed to the offer.  It was long before a super hot love affair blossomed between them.  What Royal wasn’t aware of was that Dmitry led a double life as a Russia Mafia crime boss.  When discovered, will she or won’t she continue to be his woman?

Wow!  While I devoured Dmitry’s Closet, I felt as if I was right smack in the middle of a smoking hot soap opera.  This plot had the true markings fantastic storyline where race had no boundaries.  It was jam-packed with drama, cold-heartedness, betrayal, envy, humor, suspense, lust and raw passion.  Once started, I simply couldn’t get enough.  I was hanging on the edge of my seat turning page after page eager to see just how the story would unfold.  Dmitry and Royal were on total opposite ends of the spectrum.  Whereas Dmitry was worldly wise and callous; Royal took things at face value and was very inexperienced – almost too native.  Yet, she fitted perfectly with Dmitry and made him want to have more out of life than his criminal activities.  She softened his outlook on life.  Dmitry’s Closet is not for the faint of heart because it contained violent actions that some might find offensive.  Nevertheless, it needed to be told because of the cruel lifestyle of the mafia.  If you are looking for a thrilling read that will capture and tightly hold your attention from start to finish, then look no future than Latrivia S. Nelson’s Dmitry’s Closet.



Latrivia Nelson at Republic Coffee

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to share an awesome video that was done at the best coffee spot in Memphis on July 15th, Republic Coffee.  We had been in the discussion for about two hours before this video was taken, so I have on no make-up and I’m pretty tired.  So, look at your own risk!!!

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Drop Date Pushed Back to July 15th Due to Printer

It’s a sad state of affairs for me ladies and gentlemen.  The book is complete, but the hard copy format will not be ready until July 15th.  Please world, do not be angry with me.  I’m working around the clock to provide some benefits in lieu of this horrid blunder.  Last time, the drop date was off by a month and half.  So, I’m happy to report that it’s just ten days later.  For many, it’s ten days too long.  So, I’m offering this:

However, you can still pre-order on my site ( starting tonight or on

Pre-order and you will receive a free PDF copy of the book for you to read until your book arrives.  I made the announcement tonight and have received great feedback from the readers.  Thanks so much for you all who have understood.  And I’m so blessed to have so many supporters. 

The good news is that the book will still be available on Kindle on the 5th!  You can also purchase the PDF format without the hard copy for $5 on  So, if you don’t have a Kindle, like to read at work or home or prefer to laptop or desktop to pick up books, you won’t miss a beat.  For my hardcopy readers, the printer says that it could very well be back next week, but they’ve given me that date to be safe.  So, I’ll keep you updated. 

For all of those who receive the PDF, please send me your thoughts through the blog, facebook and email to let me know what you think ( 

And please Pray for me that I don’t jump off a cliff:-(

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Why Did Royal Have to Be A Virgin in Dmitry’s Closet?

I absolutely love when readers reach out and ask questions about motivation.  Today, I received an email from Amber in Pensacola, FL and Julie in New Orleans, LA about why I chose a virgin for this book.   Well, it’s quite simple.  When I wrote Ivy’s Twisted Vine, I explored a young woman who had been with two very experienced lovers.  The betrayal that faced both the men and herself was something that is created when people don’t have a clear sense of self.  Ivy was a good girl with a lot of things going on around her.  Royal is a stronger character.  She is true to herself first.  She is the type that would rather let you go than compromise who she is as a person.  She is faithful and true and I think a lot of that is because of her limited experience with men and the tragedies that she had been exposed to so early in life.  Being a virgin is a choice.  But I will posit that it is one of the hardest choices that women of a certain age can endure, because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Once you give it away, you NEVER GET IT BACK.

So, I had a woman who understood her worth and refused to budge and I had a man who understood her worth and refused to give up.  It was the perfect mix.  Plus, I wanted to encourage women to think about their choices.  Do I suggest women go out and sleep with only rich mafia crime bosses?  No.  I suggest you find someone who would give up everything to be with you, because often we give up everything to be with them.  We quit our jobs to move around the country with them.  We leave behind our families to become their wives.  Sometimes, we even give up our identity to be more of what they want us to be. 

Dmitry’s sacrifice was a symbol of how African-American women should not lose focus of the fact that they are beautiful, special or worthy.  We need not throw ourselves down on the ground and bow below them like we have to serve in order to be uplifted in a man’s eyes.  We need only make him wait until he realizes that we are special. 

I wanted the physical bond between Royal and Dmitry to be electric and pure.  While their relationship is constantly tested (and whose relationship isn’t), the one thing that you know when you read about them is that they love each other despite…

Okay, that’s my answer.  That’s why she had to be a virgin.  It’s the beginning of the Mr. & Mrs. Medlov collection.  More to come?  Of course!

XoXo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

What to expect on a First Date: Insight or Insanity

First Dates

In Dmitry’s Closet, Dmitry and Royal go on an impromptu date that confirms their growing attraction to each other and maybe even their desire to move forward into a full-fledged relationship.  First dates are awesome that way.  You meet a guy, decide to have dinner with him and from point A to point B, you discover that you may want to see him for the rest of your life.

I’ve been on quite a few first dates.  I got so good at them until I knew within ten minutes if I’d talked to the guy for another ten minutes or pretend to have an emergency (sorry to old guys who are reading this in surpriseJ) . 

The best first date that I’ve gone on was with my husband Adam.  I gave him food poison, we bought a box fan, and I saw him blush.  We also stayed up 24 hours, did insane impressions of our childhood favorite bands, compared body parts, talked about our dreams and apsirations, and so much more.

 Needless to say his boyish charms convinced me to accept his invitation to a second date.

It was the best thing that I could have done.

My worse first date was at a really nice restaurant with a lawyer who practiced “animalism” as his religion and looked at me like he wanted him hunch my leg.  Needless to say that there was absolutely no second date and as I recall, I did have to leave in the middle of our first course  because of an “unexpected emergency.”  Yeah, right.

What was your first date?  Did you think that first impressions, first dates are the end-all, be-all of loving?

Spill it all.  Tell us about your funniest, worse and best moments.

xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

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