The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 4

Since Lady Hutton’s death and his marriage to her, Dmitry Medlov’s life has completely changed.  Now wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, his aspirations quickly move from more money to more power. Only the power he seeks is held by the commanding and elusive Czar of the underworld, Boss Evgeny Smirnov.

When Dmitry successfully talks the underboss and the all-knowing eye of the underworld, Khalid, into arranging a meeting between he and Boss Smirnov,  he has no idea what troubles he is about to face.  There are secrets that will be exposed in Prague that will forever change his young life again, leading to a decision that will rock the underworld for good. 

Meanwhile, back in London, the city is buzzing about the deaths of the entire board of directors of Dmitry’s newly acquired business, Hutton Industries, minus the company’s former front man, who was involved in a gruesome home invasion that left him blind, deaf, mute and paralyzed.  

With no witnesses, leads or proof combined with the botched attempt on his own life during the horrid chain of events, Dmitry is looked over as a person of interest by Scotland Yard and is given carte blanche to turn his new private company into his personal money laundering hub right under the public’s nose with the help of his live-in girlfriend, Oxford University senior and business genius, Elsa.  And it’s just in time for his new secret alliance with the leaders of a powerful paramilitary sect led by Elsa’s father in Angola, Africa.

Dmitry’s new found power creates a checkmate for his ambitions to be boss but puts a target squarely on his back by not only organized crime heads around the world but also by his own brother, Ivan.  Secret alliances are formed.  Money is exchanged, and a definite war is looming.  Only no one is willing to give up as much as Dmitry is to be king.

Read the last volume of the first book, The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov and witness the heart stopping rise of a giant and everything that he’s willing to do to become the world’s most powerful and deadly boss. 

Only $3.

E-Book goes on sale on October 1, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.


New Dmitry’s Royal Flush Trailer

Hello Everyone,

My entire team is dog tired.  We are 13 days out from the final polishing touches to the book and their completion and after that only 30 days before the drop of Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen.  Take a look at our new trailer for the book and please tell me exactly what you think!!!!

Can’t wait to reveal it to all of you!


Like Manna from Above: A Week In Review for Dmitry’s Closet

This has been a spirited week for Dmitry’s Closet.  We’ve received a record breaking number of letters from fans and concerned public for the book.  I have read each and every email, letter, text and facebook message.  Let me be the first to say that it has truly been an honor.  We have been on the multicultural bestsellers list for the last five weeks. 

Here in the city of Memphis a local restaurant is closing down to host a book signing, along with a very “politico-driven” coffee shop.  We have over ten requests in the city for group discussions and we have a story that will hit in the local paper.

Nationally, we’ve been creating all sorts of waves. 

I have been asked (and have not confirmed so I will not disclose) to speak at several HBCUs on the book and popular culture and contemporary society in the United States;

I pissed off the an editor of an Italian American journal for using the word mafia (I asked him to take it up with gentlemen in the Russian Mob who use the word. I received not reply but I doubt that he took me up on the offer);

We have received great reviews from national blogs, and we are awaiting review by Barnes and Noble to get into their stores on the shelves, we are already online!!! 

I’ve also been called everything but a child of God by a few readers who think that I’m a sellout for writing about unhealthy or unconventional relationships between a black woman and Russian mobster.  She called me the c-word.  I called her “passionate” then blocked her.  Some people just need to be prayed for, people.

A few readers were kind enough to express their concerns for some grammatical errors and one truly wonderful person sent some edits (I’m still smiling).  Thank you!   

I’ve received touching letters of motivation and encouragement from a celebrity (WOW), other writers, a number of college students, business professionals, avid readers and my loyal fans.  I want you to know, I print and keep all of them.  They are all wonderful.  One man sent me a naked picture of him and some firefighter gear.  I digress.

To strengthen the message in the book, I am making some grammatical changes.  I’ve heard your concerns, and I know you’ve done it out of support.  I cannot express my gratitude.  I hope to catch them all, but if I do not, please be patient with me.  I’m working to find a reliable copyeditor at a reasonable rate. 

I’ve also been watching the blogs and threads and there has been some serious discussions going on – some have been really heated.  You know that I believe whole heartedly in free speech, so I applaud both sides, as long as they are respectful.

Then, there’s the development of Royal Flush.  As you know, I’m working on Book 2.  There is a lot to be done. The characters, the setting, the drama is all different.  We can talk about that on the other blog site.

In other news, the healthcare bill was signed! This marks a day in history that I’m proud to see.  And tonight my candidate for Shelby County Mayor (Deidre Malone) will be speaking at my dear friend Fitz’s coffee shop (Republic Coffee) from 7:30-8:30.  So, I’ll be taking in the conversations and the people and working my mind machine to find news ways to engage you.

In a nutshell, the interaction with people has been manna from heaven.

Thanks to you all.

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Dmitry’s Closet on Sale on Latrivia Nelson’s Web Site for $10.00

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a busy week here, and I’m sure that the same applies for all of my ladies and gents in cyberspace.  Just wanted to make a special announcement.  Dmitry’s Closet is going on SALE.  This will be a perfect gift to get for someone you love or like and it always comes with an autograph.  Also, it’s only $10.00.  Retail is $12.99.  The sale is indefinite, but definitely until March 31st

Xoxo and all that jazz,


P.S.  Check out this crazy YouTube Video that I found that will make you laugh and frown (Like…what the hell?  Did I really just see that?)

Dmitry’s Closet is now available at Barnes & Noble

We all love to go to the bookstore.  My favorite outings includes going to our local B&N and hanging out with my husband for hours going through the shelves looking for awesome new books.  I am so pleased to announce to everyone nationwide that Barnes & Noble now carries Dmitry’s Closet on their website and for a limited time, they are offering everyone the member price of $9.35. 

What this means is if you (1) have a B&N card and only order your books through them, (2) want to call and have Dmitry’s Closet delivered to your favorite (B&N) store or (3) want to tell a friend where to order the book, you can now do so!

Our next step with Barnes & Noble is to get the book on shelves.  This may take a while, however, stay prayerful with us that this happens.  Spread the word to everyone!

And thanks so much for your support.  We are still on Amazon’s Bestseller List for Mulitcultural books for the 4th weekend in a row.

Xoxo and that jazz,

Latrivia S. Nelson

Click here to go to B&N website:

Manic Readers Reviewed Dmitry’s Closet. Received 4 stars!

A very popular and highly regarded Romance Review Site, Manic Readers, reviewed our own Dmitry’s Closet and gave it 4 stars!  While I am always striving for excellence, I appreciate the nearly perfect reviews that we have received along with perfect(!).  For all of you have supported this book on so many levels, I wanted to share this review with you.  Also, thanks to Manic Readers for taking the time to read my work.

Click below to check it out!

Xoxo and all that jazz,

Latrivia Nelson

Dmitry’s Closet on Sale on Kindle for the Month of March Only $3.99

In celebration of the wonderful response from readers, Dmitry’s closet will be on sale for the month of March only for $3.99.  We wanted to do this in celebration of its international success.  Stay tuned for more info also on the upcoming sequel. 

Thanks for your support.


Latrivia Nelson

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